A Fiery Duchess for the Dashing Duke

A Steamy Regency Romance

She is held captive by his kisses. And she never wants to be free…

The streets of London are the only home Mary Ann Allen has ever known.

Cursed to grow up with thieves, her life has been one of pain and fear. With her disability deeming her useless by the people around her, she has nothing to look forward to. That is, until an alluring, handsome stranger comes to her rescue.

Thomas Comeford, the Duke of Solorett, lives an enviable life. But his heart and mind dwell on what society scorns. With more than one secret to hide, an undercover visit to the slums proves life-changing when he stumbles upon Mary Ann. A woman who holds sinful power over him...

With society’s chains coiling around him, Thomas is forced to face reality. A reality, however, that proves to be nothing but a corrupted view of the truth. A letter that falls into his and Mary Ann’s hands speaks of a crime from twenty-five years ago. A crime that has yet to be completed.

*If you like a realistic yet steamy depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then A Fiery Duchess for the Dashing Duke is the novel for you.

This is Scarlett's 25th novel, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after.

Pick up "A Fiery Duchess for the Dashing Duke" today to discover Scarlett's fantastic new story!

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