His Minx of a Countess

A Steamy Regency Romance

"Wanting him was never part of my plan. But he woke a fire of desire inside me..."

Forced to travel to the Far East to escape the mistakes of his teenagehood, Charles Dowding, Earl of Wintervale, is ready to reclaim his old life back. A plan that backfires when he stumbles across the one part of his past he still hasn’t come to terms with: Lady Lydia and her devilish ways.

The biggest scandal of the Season was the last place Lady Lydia Agar ever wanted to find herself in the middle of. With her marriage options dwindling, she is forced to accept a most unlikely courtship: a man she loves and hates in equal measure.

Forced together out of pure misfortune, a fire they thought extinguished is reignited from its ashes. A flame that threatens to burn them and everything they have worked for when Lydia goes missing, leaving behind nothing but a letter. For the lion does not apologize to the sheep for being at the top of the food chain. They accept their role and have a feast.

*If you like a realistic yet steamy depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then His Minx of a Countess is the novel for you.

This is Scarlett's 23rd novel, a historical Regency romance novel of 60,000 words (around 300 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after.

Pick up "His Minx of a Countess" today to discover Scarlett's fantastic new story!

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