Their Lords of Nighty Lust

A Steamy Regency Romance Boxset

Betrayal, deadly secrets, and romance that’ll make your knees go weak await you within the pages of these exciting stories!

A Fiery Escort for the Roguish Marquess

As an escort, Rachel Bell yearns for a change of life, away from her sinful past. When a Lord steps into the tavern, the change turns out to have a handsome face and a mysterious past. Ernest Jackson is on a mission to find the remains of his deceased sister. But when he meets Rachel, she proves to be more than a valuable spy. When she gets kidnapped, they soon realize that the enemy wears a familiar face...

Rescued by a Wicked Baron

A social outcast as she is, Catherine Barnet conceals the shame and the scars her abusive brother left behind. Patrick Conolly, Baron of Ramshay, has been concealing his feelings for her all his life; until they spend a night together. But mysterious eyes follow their every step and once Catherine finds out of Patrick’s involvement with a notorious criminal, things turn for the worse. And when Patrick visits her brother in prison, he’s not prepared for what he’s about to hear...

Tamed by the Marquess

Shunned by society, Joanna has been living as a nomad. When her daughter gets ill, Christopher Albertson, Duke of Gresham, the man who has haunted her mind, is her only hope. With him knowing no other fiery love than her, he takes her child under his protection. But when he gets poisoned, all clues lead to Joanna. But when her daughter discovers a secret entrance to the manor, everything changes...

Three of my best stories, here to take you on a journey through unexpected twists to a destination of untamed love!

*These are steamy, stand-alone romances. Each book in the series is approximately 90.000 words (around 450 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

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