A Scandalous Desire for Duchess Wallflower

A Steamy Regency Romance

His touch is the only thing that can save her from insanity...

All Julia can remember are the horrid sounds that still haunt her to this day.

Found on the verge of death, Julia wakes up with a shocking realization; she doesn’t know who she is. Unable to walk, she finds herself at the mercy of a handsome Duke, and though merciful in his care, the desire he stirs up inside her is utterly merciless.

Douglas Wilson, Duke of Langston, has been living in despair ever since his mother left him. Deemed a scandalous child, he has spent his days alone, avoiding all notions of love. But when the alluring Julia comes under his roof, she ignites a dangerous fire in his soul.

With Douglas destined to marry another, Julia is convinced she has no place in his life and flees. When her trail runs cold, Douglas' last clue is the description of an infamous hired killer. A contract signed in blood by a familiar stranger...

*If you like a realistic yet steamy depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then A Scandalous Desire for Duchess Wallflower is the novel for you.

This is Scarlett's 22nd novel, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after.

Pick up "A Scandalous Desire for Duchess Wallflower" today to discover Scarlett's fantastic new story!

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